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Bags made from renewable sources

Ingemann offers a variety of bags made from renewable sources. We value the quality of our products highly but we value our environment just as much. This is why we take great pride in having an assortment with many different bags made from renewable sources.

Bioplastic bags

Our assortment of high-quality bioplastic bags is constantly being revised and improved because being able to continuously provide absolutely great products at excellent prices are something we value very highly. The ever-increasing competition in the field of bioplastic bags also means a steady increase in the innovation behind producing bioplastic bags and our assortment is packed with highly innovative bioplastic bags.

Carrier bags

Ingemann provides high-quality carrier bags for your supermarket or retail store. We value the quality of our products highly and we believe that we can only achieve the best results by constantly seeking to better ourselves and our products.

Compostable bags

Ingemann offers a variety of compostable bags. The bio bags are made from organic materials and free of any heavy metals. This means that should the bags end up in the nature, the bags will break down into soil within 6 months, provided the material is exposed to oxygen, UV, micro-organism and temperatures as in your garden compost heap. Compostable bags do not unnecessarily pressure the environment when you get rid of them.

Fresh produce bags

Ingemann provides a variety of fresh produce bags that are both reusable, recyclable and compostable. This makes them not only easier and more efficient to use but it also ensures that they are environmentally friendly and part of the ongoing world campaign for greener solutions.

Fruit bags

Ingemann offers a variety of fruit bags that are both reusable, recyclable and compostable. Ingemann´s fruit bags are made of environmentally friendly materials and are free of any heavy metals. This combination results in a high-quality fruit bag at an excellent price – all of this while compromising our environment as little as absolutely possible.

Green PE bag

Ingemann specialize in providing high-quality Green PE bags and being the distributor of Unisold’s green PE bags based on Braskem´s I´m greenTM resin, we are doing just that. The Green PE bags from Unisold are a result of ambition, innovation and technology combined with sustainability and green solutions. The Green PE bags are made from a unique and absolutely amazing sort of plastic produced from 90% ethanol sugarcane which makes for an excellent product that is also environmentally friendly.

Grocery Bags

When it comes to grocery bags, Ingemann always strive to be on top of the game. We put a lot of effort in to the constant development and distribution of high quality grocery bags. Our grocery bags are not only solid, strong and reliable; they are also ‘green’. Green in the sense that we always produce our bags with the environment in mind. We seek to constantly better the way we produce, distribute and design our bags at Ingemann.

HDPE bags

Ingemann provides HDPE bags of high quality. We believe that the dedication we put in to our work greatly reflects in our products and our HDPE bags are no exception. We are always planning ahead, constantly trying to better the quality of our products even more – including our HDPE bags – and that requires a high amount of measuring and revising. We continuously strive to be the very best in our field which benefits all of our customers.

Plastic bag dispenser

Ingemann offers high quality plastic bag dispensers for retail stores and supermarkets across the Nordic countries, Europe and the Middle East. If you are in need of great plastic bag dispensers from an ambitious and innovative provider, look no further than Ingemann Packaging. We provide excellent plastic bag dispensers at great prices and we continuously strive to improve all of our products, including our dispensers.

Plastic bag suppliers

There are many different plastic bag suppliers and many different kinds of plastic bag suppliers. Ingemann wishes to be more than that; we wish to contribute to the constantly growing level of innovation going on in the industry.

Plastic bags

Ingemann offers high-quality plastic bags at excellent prices. We take great pride in our assortment and always strive to produce and offer great products all around, including our plastic bags. Not only do we aim to offer great high-quality plastic bags, we also want to offer bags that contribute positively; not only for our customers but to the world. This is also why we are very preoccupied with recycling and innovation when it comes to our bags at Ingemann.

Star sealed bags

The star sealed bags from Ingemann are a result of high ambitions, high standards and continuous improvement. We provide environmentally friendly star sealed bags of superb quality and we proudly present the next generation of plastic bag solutions for the European retail market. Our star sealed bags are made from 100% virgin HDPE, Green PE, or compostable material and are truly an innovative customer friendly bag that fully complies with 10/2011/EU or EN 13432 meaning it is both a good and a green solution.

Supermarket bags

We offer a variety of solutions when it comes to supermarket bags. The plastic bags we can provide for your supermarket have numerous advantageous properties while at the same time being environmentally friendly. The bags can both be kept behind the counter or they can be placed on our plastic bag dispensers in strategic points across the supermarket.

T-shirt bags

Ingemann offers T-shirt bags made from light-weight HDPE of high quality. We specialize in both plastic bags and dispensers and our products always live up to our own high standards – this also applies for our T-shirt bags. We always seek to improve the products we have in our assortment and our clear virgin HDPE T-shirt bags are no exception to this. This guarantees that our customers always get exceptionally great bags at an attractive price.