Star Sealed Bags

Plastic bag systems for fresh produce

Ingemann Packaging proudly presents the next generation of plastic bag solutions for the European retail market: a new and innovative customer friendly bagging system for fresh produce and other food items.

The star sealed bags are made from 100% virgin HDPE and complies fully to 10/2011/EU and 1935/2004 EU.

This high quality resin from world leading petrochemical producer Braskem combined with Unisold’s second to none extrusion technology, refined for over 30 years of experience and ensures high strength and precision in the finished product.

Besides increased strength the star sealing enables better weight distribution resulting in less damaged produce. Furthermore, the sealing is water tight and once the bag is closed with a knot, leakage is securely prevented as well.

A better economy is achieved through the combination of high quality, strength and availability, thus reducing the waste of bags to an absolute minimum.

The rolls mounted on the colorful dispenser provides the consumer with a user-friendly, easy to open, and hygienic bag. The holders are specially designed for supermarket shelves and therefore simplify the process of setting up and to allocate at strategic points making it much more convenient for the consumer to take a bag compared to traditional solutions.

Promote your supermarket by choosing a dispenser with your specific color. With bags printed with your logo or special message you have a strong contribution to your marketing efforts.

If you find this solutions interest, please watch this demonstration of the product or contact us for a continued dialogue.