Star sealed bags

The star sealed bags from Ingemann are a result of high ambitions, high standards and continuous improvement. We provide environmentally friendly star sealed bags of superb quality and we proudly present the next generation of plastic bag solutions for the European retail market.

Our star sealed bags are made from 100% virgin HDPE, Green PE, or compostable material and are truly an innovative customer friendly bag that fully complies with 10/2011/EU or EN 13432 meaning it is both a good and a green solution.

What is special about star sealed bags?

There are plenty of reasons for choosing and using star sealed bags. The special thing about the star sealed bags is, of course, the star sealing. This unique solution provides the bag not only with increased strength but way better weight distribution of the items in the star sealed bags. This means you can carry several food items in the bag without worrying about them being damaged.

The star sealed bags are completely water tight and also ensures absolutely no leakage from the bag as soon as the bag is tied with a knot.

Furthermore, as with our other products, our star sealed bags are made from reusable and recyclable material which just adds to the list of advantages of our star sealed bags.   

The solutions Ingemann can provide for your star sealed bags

Besides providing the high-quality star sealed bags themselves, we also offer a variety of solutions regarding dispensers and prints for your bags. The star sealed bags can easily be mounted on rolls on a colorful dispenser, providing a user-friendly solution for your bags around the store.

The holders for our dispensers are designed specifically with supermarket shelves in mind, making it much more convenient to distribute them across the store in locations that makes sense compared to traditional holders for plastic bags.

Our star sealed bags and their dispensers can be used for promotion as well. The dispensers can be made to fit the color scheme of your supermarket’s logo and the bags can be printed with logos or slogans on them.

Do you have any questions about our star sealed bags?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to hear more about our bags or products in general. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have. The opportunities that our solutions with star sealed bags offer are numerous and we will gladly tell you more about them.

You can contact us on phone +45 4675 3150 or via our e-mail here.