HDPE bags

Ingemann provides HDPE bags of high quality. We believe that the dedication we put in to our work greatly reflects in our products and our HDPE bags are no exception.We are always planning ahead, constantly trying to better the quality of our products even more – including o

ur HDPE bags – and that requires a high amount of measuring and revising. We continuously strive to be the very best in our field which benefits all of our customers.

What is an HDPE bag?

“HDPE” stands for “high-density polyethylene and is a special sort of thermoplastic made from petroleum. The material has a lot of advantageous properties and it is commonly used for a lot of different purposes. The rise in environmental awareness around the world has led to an increased preference for using HDPE instead of PVC, polycarbonate etc. because of the possible environmental issues these materials propose.

HDPE bags are known for their large strength to density ratio. They can also withstand high temperatures and are a great fit for packaging and transporting food products because of the nature of the material.

What can you use HDPE bags for?

You can put out HDPE bags in your market stand or grocery store – this lets customers package their food items in bags made from a strong and environmentally beneficial material. The strength of the HDPE bags will let customers pack almost all kinds of food items without having to worry about the bag breaking or tearing.

You can also keep your own stash of HDPE bags behind the counter for packaging food items yourself. The HDPE bags will without a doubt be a great addition to your store or supermarket and using Ingemann as your supplier of HDPE bags guarantees that you always get HDPE bags of high quality.

Let Ingemann be your supplier of high-quality HDPE bags

We take great pride in always revising and improving our products, including our HDPE bags – this means we always provide products of a high standard. We are always happy to tell you more about our assortment and offers so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about us or our products.

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