Grocery Bags

When it comes to grocery bags, Ingemann always strive to be on top of the game. We put a lot of effort in to the constant development and distribution of high quality grocery bags.

Our grocery bags are not only solid, strong and reliable; they are also ‘green’. Green in the sense that we always produce our bags with the environment in mind. We seek to constantly better the way we produce, distribute and design our bags at Ingemann.

The importance of high quality grocery bags

The quality of grocery bags is easy to take for granted but the difference between a high- and low-quality grocery bag can be detrimental to your experience when using them in your daily grocery-shopping activities.

A lot of factors defines the way we at Ingemann produce our grocery bags – to us it is not ‘just a grocery bag’; it’s a tool. A tool that people all around the world use and rely on every single day and we believe that the quality of your grocery bags matters a great deal.

Furthermore, because of the great amount of grocery bags being used every single day, we firmly believe that we can use that opportunity to make a difference in the world for the positive.

The impact we hope to have with our grocery bags

We want to support constantly innovative and creative solutions when it comes to grocery bags. We are committed to investing in green solutions and, through our investments and dedicated effort, make an impact on the way we think about grocery bags and the way we use and produce them.

Recycling, innovation and ambition – those are the words we want associated with the grocery bags we distribute at Ingemann.

Want to hear more about our grocery bags and what we wish to achieve with them?

You can always contact us to hear more about our products at Ingemann – we are always happy to chat with you about our assortment, for both business and/or curiosity purposes.

There is no commitment to anything when you contact us – and we will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our grocery bags. You can contact us at tel. +45 4675 3150 or e-mail here.