Bioplastic bags

Our assortment of high-quality bioplastic bags is constantly being revised and improved because being able to continuously provide absolutely great products at excellent prices are something we value very highly.

The ever-increasing competition in the field of bioplastic bags also means a steady increase in the innovation behind producing bioplastic bags and our assortment is packed with highly innovative bioplastic bags.

To make sure that we are always able to provide our customers with bags of the highest standards available, we at Ingemann always handpick our manufacturers based on numerous different factors. Many of these factors are found in our company policy and revolve around the quality of our assortment and also in our company’s visions regarding the environment and green solutions.

Our company policy regarding bioplastic bags

To expand on the point above about our company policy regarding the quality of the bioplastic bags we provide, making sure the bioplastic bags in our assortment are of the highest quality is a top priority for us.

As also mentioned above, the constant revising and improvement of our bioplastic bags and our assortment in general is what helps us secure a high quality all around.

We believe that an enhanced customer experience is the result of a combination of factors that are not only satisfactory but beyond that; from the delivery, the service to the quality of the actual product, everything plays its’ part in the experience our customers get when dealing with us. Knowing that, we continuously measure these factors and always strive to deliver to the absolute maximum of our abilities.

Our company’s visions regarding the environment and green solutions

We take great pride in contributing positively to the environment by making sure we are providing 100% recyclable or compostable bioplastic bags that are also free of any heavy metals. We have an ambitious policy regarding the quality of our bioplastic bags and when it comes to green solutions, we believe that our visions are just as ambitious.

When handpicking our manufacturers and materials, we do not limit our factors to the quality of the product only; we also look at the quality of the production. We want to make sure the products we provide to our customers are environmentally friendly and that the process is a positive contribution to our planet.

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