Compostable bags

Ingemann offers a variety of compostable bags. The bio bags are made from organic materials and free of any heavy metals. This means that should the bags end up in the nature, the bags will break down into soil within 6 months, provided the material is exposed to oxygen, UV, micro-

organism and temperatures as in your garden compost heap.  Compostable bags do not unnecessarily pressure the environment when you get rid of them.We are proud of our compostable bags because they are the result of ambition, innovation and determination to always be better. We constantly review our assortment, including our compostable bags, and strive to always provide our customers with the best products and the best deals.

The advantage of compostable bags

Using compostable bags are advantageous for many reasons; the biggest reason being that they are made from bio materials and therefor environmentally friendly. We believe that every contribution to the preservation of our planet matters.Our compostable bags are produced based on

that thought. We want to share our ambitions with as many as we can and spread the message that we believe in. Our compostable bags come in different shapes and sizes and because of that, they are fit for a variety of different purposes.

The compostable bags we offer at Ingemann are made based on the high standards we hold ourselves to and we strongly believe that our products reflect that.

How, when and where to use our compostable bags?

Our compostable bags are, as mentioned above, fit for a variety of different purposes. They are exceptional for throw-away-bags because of their compostable materials. It could be for trash or for food-products such as meat where you usually do not want to re-use the bag again.

If you ask us, they can be used for everything and should be as well. The environmentally friendly compostable bags are of very high quality and come at a great price.

Do you want to hear more about our compostable bags?

Our compostable bags are an exceptional product and we would love to share it with you. If you want to hear more about our great offers or more about the product itself, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can reach us at our phone +45 46 18 66 44 or on e-mail here.