About Ingemann Packaging

Ingemann Packaging – former Ingemann Supply

We specialize in high quality star sealed plastic bags and dispensers for especially fruits- and vegetables in retail stores across the Nordic countries, Europe and the middle East. We distribute our bags and dispensers through retail distributors in most markets and directly to retail supermarket chains in other. Our solutions provides our customers with improved customer experience and ease of use, reduced waste of food combined with beautiful design in the stores.

Quality Policy

We attach great importance to quality in our goal to be an attractive and credible business partner to our clients. We continuously measure, revise and work to improve our precision on our deliveries, efficiency, service and total quality of our products in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

Our direct environmental impact is the consumption of energy, the use of materials, and the production of waste that is generated through our production in Bjæverskov. Our indirect environmental impact is the goods and services from our suppliers – more specifically, the way in which they are transported and delivered.

United Nations Global Compact – Corporate Sustainability

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement are seen as the most powerful worldwide commitment for achieving a peace and prosperity on a healthy planet.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of sale are applicable to any order placed with and accepted by Ingemann Components A/S.


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