T-shirt bags

Ingemann offers T-shirt bags made from light-weight HDPE of high quality. We specialize in both plastic bags and dispensers and our products always live up to our own high standards – this also applies for our T-shirt bags.W

e always seek to improve the products we have in our assortment and our clear virgin HDPE T-shirt bags are no exception to this. This guarantees that our customers always get exceptionally great bags at an attractive price.

Clear virgin HDPE T-shirt bags

The T-shirt bags we offer are made from clear virgin HDPE which means the T-shirt bags have several advantageous properties that ensures they are fit for a variety of purposes.

The HDPE is a sort of plastic that is soft enough to use for bags but still strong enough to not tear while carrying home heavy food products or other sorts of products that requires a strong bag. The shape of the T-shirt bags also provides the user with comfortable handles for carrying the bag.

The usage of T-shirt bags

T-shirt bags are an iconic plastic bag and it is used all around the world. The bag is especially popular in supermarkets and retail because of the ease of use, slick design and the high strength to density ratio the HDPE T-shirt bags offer. The t-shirt bags are being used everywhere from big supermarkets and grocery stores to smaller food markets in southern Europe and the middle East.

We distribute our bags through retail distributors and also directly to supermarket chains and our customers are always satisfied with the solutions we provide for their need of T-shirt bags. We strive to deliver the best T-shirt bags on the market and thrive only when our customers are fully satisfied.

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