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Bag Properties

C-folded plastic bags on rolls for the retail market. 100% virgin HDPE with exceptional strong properties. Different sizes or thicknesses and with or without print.

Dispenser Properties

Danish design and manufacture, molded in on piece for extra strength and durability, available in bright and strong colors.

Display Options

The Ingemann / Unisold holders consist of a large variety of options to easily set up the system in any food retail store. The holders consist of light weight yet strong materials such as Aluminum and Polypropylene.

Ingemann Packaging

– former Ingemann Supply

Ingemann Packaging specializes in high quality starsealed plastic bags and dispensers for especially fruits- and vegetables in retail stores across the Nordic countries, Europe and the middle East. We distribute our bags and dispensers through retail distributors in most markets and directly to retail supermarket chains in other. Our solutions provides our customers with improved customer experience and ease of use, reduced waste of food combined with beautiful design in the stores.