United Nations Global Compact – Corporate Sustainability

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement are seen as the most powerful worldwide commitment for achieving a peace and prosperity on a healthy planet. In achieving these goals it is believed that an essential role is spelled out for private businesses. The UN Global Compact is the largest corporate sustainability initiative brining weight on the businesses in reaching our SDGs and meeting the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement. Ingemann Components is proud to take part of this global initiative. 

Ingemann Components aims to continually in our daily routines, as well as larger business strategies, improve awareness of sustainability and the ways in which we, as a company, can positively affect communities locally and globally. However, recently we took our awareness to another step by committing ourselves to the United Nations Global Compact, which is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

Hereby, Ingemann commits itself to integrate the ten principles of the UN Global Compact into our business strategy and daily decision-making. The ten principles concern themselves with the four areas of human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption. Additionally, Ingemann commits to take strategic actions in order to advance societal goals, such as the forthcoming UN sustainable development goals – with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation, as well as encourage partners to follow our lead in engaging in such matters.

The ten principles of UN Global Compact:

Human Rights:

1. Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and
2. make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses. 


3. Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;
4. the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour;
5. the effective abolition of child labour; and 
6. the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.


7. Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmentally challenges;
8. undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility; and 
9. encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.


10. Businesses should work against corruption in all it forms, including extortion and bribery. 

If you wish to find out more about the the United Nations Global Compact and how to engage in their initiatives, visit their website