Plastic bags

Ingemann offers high-quality plastic bags at excellent prices. We take great pride in our assortment and always strive to produce and offer great products all around, including our plastic bags.

Not only do we aim to offer great high-quality plastic bags, we also want to offer bags that contribute positively; not only for our customers but to the world. This is also why we are very preoccupied with recycling and innovation when it comes to our bags at Ingemann.

Our plastic bags’ most valuable attribute

Using 100% virgin high quality HDPE resin in our production, enables us to produce thinner and more light weight plastic bags without compromising the necessary strong properties. In this manor we are using less of our non-renewable resources and making our plastic bags more environmentally friendly than comparable products.

All our plastic bags are produced and certified in accordance with EU Environmental Law of 10/2011/EU and REACH, and therefore do not contain any heavy metals, and there are no restrictions regarding the type of food and/or temperature and time of contact.

Ingemann´s plastic bags are furthermore fully recyclable.

We at Ingemann value our environment just as much as we value good products. For that reason, we of course always seek to produce plastic bags of very high quality – but it will never be at the expense of our environment.

Our plastic bags’ additional attributes

Besides being more environmentally friendly our bags are also very hygienic in use when used together with our dispenser system. To us, there are several different factors that goes into producing great plastic bags. One of those factors is making sure that they are hygienic in use.Our plastic bags are often used in grocery stores which is why it is very important to us that we alw

ays have good hygiene in mind when producing our plastic bags. To address this area, we produce our bags in a way that only requires the customer to touch the bag they need and you do not need to hold the roll of plastic bags in order to pull one. It can be done using only one hand.

Our bags can also easily be used as an advertisement tool – you can have your supermarket logo printed right on the bag the consumer takes home and maybe reuses for other purposes at home. There is also space for advertisement on both sides of the dispenser and on the top as a banner.

Contact Ingemann to hear more about our environmentally, high-quality plastic bags

We are always happy to hear from you about any questions you might have regarding our bags. We have experts ready to give you professional advice if you want to learn more about what our bags can do for your supermarket or store.

Do not hesitate to contact us at phone +45 4675 3150 or e-mail here.