Plastic bag dispenser properties

The dispensers applied have a variety of advantages for you.

  • It is possible to use the dispensers as a marketing tool and get your store's logo on the dispenser.
  • It is possible to set up the dispensers anywhere in the store and they are easily adaptable to the needs of your store.

Bag dispensers with logo or other marketing text

There are four advertisement tools available on the dispenser:

Versatile and convenient bag dispenser placements

The Ingemann bag system is easy to set up in the shop and to adapt to the shop structure. Several support options make it easy to allocate anywhere in the store where the consumer needs to bag products.

Placing plastic bags Near the scale: 

Bag dispenser placed near the scale in the shop

At the point of sale:


Furthermore, the dispensers and bags can be placed at any desired height, thus making them easy to spot. 

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