Quality Policy

We attach great importance to quality in our goal to be an attractive and credible business partner to our clients.  We continuously measure, revise and work to improve our precision on our deliveries, efficiency, service and total quality of our products in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

Our quality policy includes:

  • Our organization and routines are structured carefully in accordance with the requirements in DS-EN ISO 9001:2008 - which is additionally described in our quality control system.
  • We will maintain and continuously improve our current Quality System with all employees as significant participants in this process.
  • We set clear goals for quality aspects, implement them and continuously revise them.
  • We pay close attention to relevant laws and regulations to relevant practices agreed upon with business partners.
  • We carefully select our suppliers to ensure that they live up our high requirements on quality, environmental awareness and security standards. We place emphasis on close cooperation with all our business partners and customers in ensuring these standards. 

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Thorkild Falkentoft

Thorkild Falkentoft

Mobile: +45 51490010

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