Environmental Policy

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Our environmental impact

Our direct environmental impact is the consumption of energy, the use of materials, and the production of waste that is generated through our production in Bjæverskov.

Our indirect environmental impact is the goods and services from our suppliers – more specifically, the way in which they are transported and delivered.

Our environmental policy includes:

  • Our organization and routines are structured carefully in accordance with the requirements in DS-EN ISO 9001:2008 - which is additionally described in our quality control system.
  • We are in progress: we are currently working to achieve a DS-EN ISO 14001:xxxx certification latest in 2018 and thereby fulfil those specific requirements. We are continuously working in a structured manner with a great degree of responsibility and awareness to limit our direct and indirect environmental impact in reaching our goals.
  • We seek to influence our suppliers to implement similar environmental and quality control systems.
  • The responsibility of fulfilling the described procedures and requirements lies with the individual employee in combination with ongoing audits completed by the quality manager as well as regularly occurring external audits.
  • Several of our employees take part in working to ensure that we live up to the requirements and procedures and contribute with ideas to how we can improve the quality control system and the reduction of our environmental impact.
  • Quality and environmental control system processes are in ongoing improvement, adjustment and update. It is the responsibility of the management that sufficient amounts of resources are allocated towards the task.
  • We will at all times comply with the rules and regulations for environmental impact and we will lead the way in living up to the surrounding world’s goals and wishes for an environmentally responsible company.
  • We will ensure that our transportation is carried out in a an environmentally effective manner.
  • We will constantly search for new ways to reduce consumption of energy and material in our production and administration.
  • We will proactively prevent pollution created by our company. 

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Thorkild Falkentoft

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